giovedì, novembre 06, 2008


All media report Barak Obama’s victory to the US presidency with different emphasis. A landslide victory beyond any best expectation. A huge majority both of grand elector's and population's.

Barack Obama is the first Afro-American to conquer the White House. The Illinois black senator has obtained about 52% of votes conquering at least 349 electoral votes, when 270 were enough to win. Obama, Fox says, obtained 61,56 million votes, John McCain 54,81 million votes and 163 electoral votes that is 47% about of the total.

Now the first dream has become true. “Yes, we can” is realized. The “hope” that the young president has been able to instill the citizen of this huge Country becomes possible. In particular to those of the middle and poor classes who are in serious economical situations with the future at stake.

These citizens want of course the “change” for they chose it. The others, that are in much better conditions and or did not believe in his “change” promise, have not chosen so.

Now, many prospectives and possibilities are open for changing at 180 degrees round of the entire US policy both domestic and international. Of such, even the rest of the world can benefit, Europe in the first place and then Italy.

Already now Obama’s victory is teaching the rest of the world for it shows that in this Country the colour of the skin did not count. A reprimand against all “racisms” in the world and that in Italy as well, ironically just from the nation that had suffered racial discrimination with still bleeding scars. If this alone is not a “change”, what is it then?
Raffaele B.
Barack Obama Victory Speech: Change has come

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